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Banana Kush
Banana Kush



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Banana Kush is a cross of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze When people think of Kush, they tend to think of couch lock. While Banana Kush does have some heaviness to its effects, the stereotype of Kush varieties doesn’t hold for this strain. This strain smells like many Kush varieties, with an earthy base, but Banana Kush is sweeter, truly conveying a banana’s odor. This strain is far more energizing than a typical “down” strain, and some may not even classify Banana Kush’s effects as “down”. Calling this strain energetic may be an overstatement, but there is a distinct upbeat effect that separates Banana from other Kush hybrids. Glancing at some data from may help us understand Banana Kush’s complexity better (quick note: the data discussed in the following sentences is not necessarily representative of all harvests of Banana Kush, various environmental factors contribute to cannabinoid/terpene profiles even when dealing with the same genotype of a variety). The potency on this sample of Banana Kush is pretty high, with over 22% total THC content. When we turn to the terpene results, no obvious molecule stands out for producing uplifiting effects. The terpene content is comprised of myrcene, terpinoline, humulene, and caryophyllene, none of which are known for stimulating, or energizing properties. That said, the synergistic relationship that creates Banana Kush’s effects might not be properly understood by simply glancing at a select few terpenes tested, as is the case with allstrains. The terpene results for this sample also may not be representative of the average result for Banana Kush, an average that we will probably never know. Thus, the terpene profile here does not yield us much insight into the special characteristics of Banana Kush. I wouldn’t use this strain before a work out, but I probably wouldn’t use it to unwind before bed either. I generally utilize this strain for activities that don’t require much physical exertion such as social gatherings. This is a great strain for folks who like relaxing varieties that err on the side of being pro-social, rather than on the side of sedation. If the smell and high potency aren’t enough to get you excited about Banana Kush, the flavor and effects might just make you a fan. Note: Remember, everyone responds differently to cannabis. Every harvest will be slightly different, even with the same grower. The context in which one uses the strain matters as well as one’s expectations prior to consuming. The information presented in this review isn’t meant to guarantee a specific effect. Always start with a low dose in a comfortable environment to see how the strain impacts you.
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