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Commerce City Kush
Commerce City Kush



Once again, Rare Dankness breeders created another gem, Commerce City Kush. This strain has a classic OG Kush smell of pine, earth, and diesel with a little bit more fuel and spice likely thanks to Chem 4. This strain has similar relaxing qualities of Chem 4, although this strain feels far heavier on the body. There are cerebral qualities to this strain as well, although I’d say the cerebral and body qualities ultimately produce a tiring effect. A look at some data by Phytatech (on behalf of Ascend Cannabis Co) will let us learn about Commerce City Kush on the chemical level (quick note: the data discussed in the following sentences is not necessarily representative of all harvests of Commerce City Kush, various environmental factors contribute to cannabinoid/terpene profiles even when dealing with the same genotype of a variety). The total THC content for this sample is 19.47%, which is a decent amount of potency. The terpene profile is fairly diverse, with myrcene (.96%), caryophyllene (.91%), and limonene (.87%) being most prominent. The strong myrcene content partly explains the heavy features of this strain, with all other chemical constituents in the sample playing a role in the overall effect of Commerce City Kush. I recommend utilizing this strain at the end of the day, as the effects tend to be too heavy and lethargic for functionality. If you enjoy the effects of Chem 4, Commerce City Kush might be another strain you’ll enjoy. This strain is a great choice for relaxation at the end of the day, and tends to leave me feeling sleepy, so plan accordingly. Ultimately, Commerce City Kush is great for those that seek the calming properties of cannabis with a sizable amount of psychoactivity. Note: Remember, everyone responds differently to cannabis. Every harvest will be slightly different, even with the same grower. The context in which one uses the strain matters as well as one’s expectations prior to consuming. The information presented in this review isn’t meant to guarantee a specific effect. Always start with a low dose in a comfortable environment to see how the strain impacts you.
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