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Emerald City Kush
Emerald City Kush



Emerald City Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. The indica effects are immediately felt from this strain upon smoking flower. A heavy body buzz takes over so we caution users to be ready to spend considerable time on the couch. It's got the earthy yet piney taste of OG Kush with a potency that ranges between 15% and 20% THC content. Expect thick, dark green buds with traces of purple. The primary terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. These account for the stress and anxiety relieving qualities of the strain. The caryophyllene accounts for the spicy, peppery smell that eerges from the OG Kush lineage of this strain. The limonene accounts for the mild lemony (some may mistake it for piney) smell. Likely due to its Kush lineage this Emerald City Kush is a low maintenance plant to grow both inside and outside. With an 8 week flowering time and nearly 20G buds per square meter of indoor space it is a bountiful strain. Like all indicas expect dense, stocky plants. Remember, these plants need plenty of calcium and magnesium to reach full potential. The origins and main breeder of Emerald City Kush are a little hazy. We do know the strain was derived from a cross of Fire OG and Emerald Diesel. California Breeder's Association currently sells seeds of the strain. If you like Emerald City Kush you'll probably like: Pink Kush Bubba Kush Banana Kush Commerce City Kush
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