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Ghost Of LeeRoy
Ghost Of LeeRoy



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Ghost of LeeRoy (GOL) is another OG Kush variety from Rare Dankness. If you’re looking for strong smelling, high potency flower, this one is for you. The flowers almost smell like deep fried onion rings to me. These buds have a strong funk, dominated mostly by earth and diesel notes. The effects of this strain are intense in both the body and the mind. GOL is considered a heavier variety that can produce couch lock and sleepiness. That said, the cerebral properties of GOL are strong, so one may find a good degree of mental stimulation along with the desire to stay seated. Overall, the comedown of the high tends to make me sleepy, but the duration of the high isn’t as calming as other “down” strains. A look at some data by Analytical 360 will increase our understanding of GOL’s potential effects (quick note: the data discussed in the following sentences is not necessarily representative of all harvests of Ghost of LeeRoy, various environmental factors contribute to cannabinoid/terpene profiles even when dealing with the same genotype of a variety). The sample tested shows a total THC content of just under 30%, which is towards the higher end of the flower potency spectrum. Potency is rarely lacking with GOL. The terpene profile, however, is somewhat surprising. Very little myrcene content is present, which is generally associated with heavier body effects. Instead, the terpene profile is comprised of humulene (3.15%), limonene (1.17%), pinene (.97%), and caryophyllene (.43%). While limonene and pinene can both be alerting properties of cannabis, limonene can also have sedative effects. This diverse terpene profile is part of the larger effect that we refer to as Ghost of LeeRoy. When utilizing GOL, I think its best applications are for low-key activities. These activities would ideally require little movement and take place in the evening, as this strain can be debilitating and leave one feeling sleepy after the cerebral effects subside. This may not be the best strain for novices due to the potency and intensity of the effects. However, high-tolerance veterans will likely love the powerful high of GOL. If you’re feeling in the mood for a relatively new and potent cannabis hybrid, GOL is a good strain to try.
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