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Strain Details
King Chem Kush

King Chem Kush


King Chem Kush is a cross between Chemdawg and King's Kush.  The Chemdawg gives the strain its cerebral attributes while King's Kush brings the body buzz.  The strain has ties to some of the strongest genetics in cannabis - Chemdawg and OG Kush (with some Grape added via King's Kush).  As such, King Chem Kush is a robust, potent strain.

King Chem Kush has a diesel yet fruity taste.  There are also hints of Grape in the exhale.  The buds are covered in crystals and trichomes, which it gets from King's Kush.  The heavy pine-sol smell of OG Kush also permeates this strain via its King's Kush parent.  The Chemdawg cross only strenghtens the potency of this killer strain.

Flowering time can last upwards of ten weeks and THC content often exceeds 20%.  The history of this strain is interesting since it incorporates two of the best known cannabis strains with the longest history tracing back to their origins - Chemdawg and Kush.  

Chemdawg's origins is one of the most debated topics among cannabis growers and enthusaists.  The prevailing wisdom (which is Dankster's belief) is that Chemdawg arose from an unknown, unbranded strain on the west coast  that was accidentally transported to the east coast from some seeds mailed in a random bag of weed.  Only one or two seeds were healthy and it is from here that the clone only Chemdawg strain was nurtured and developed over the years.

The Kush part of King Chem Kush is a little easier to trace.  The Kush strains are traced back to the Pakistani/Afghan region.  Most believe Hindu Kush is the closest relative to King's Kush that emerged from the plethora of Kush strains currently in the market.

Strain Attributes

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