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Strain Details
Pink Kush

Pink Kush


Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid closely aligned with OG Kush.  Pink Kush has that charasteristic earthy body high that Kush's are known for and Pink Kush if grown correctly can be the strongest of the bunch.

Many patients use it for stress and pain relief and the recreational user will want to settle down with a box set of The Simsons for a couple hours given its euphoric body high.  The taste is perfumy and dank.

There is disagreement about who founded the Pink Kush strain, but many believe it was invented as a Tetraploid strain by UBC Professor David Suzuki, who mutated a Diploid to produce a super potent plant.  Many believe "wannabe" strains found their way down the west coast in the U.S. but there is some hard to find Tetraploid Pink Kush around and it's potency can be more than double those of Diploid strains.

Bottom line is if you're smoking Pink Kush it is probably not the crazy strong tetrapoid kind, but it's still a top grade strain in terms of potency and effects.

Strain Attributes

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