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Strain Details
Sister Glue

Sister Glue

3.00 avg by 1 reviews indica

Formally known as Gorilla Glue #1, this one is heavily sought after. While there are many phenotypes that exist with this strain, Sister Glue is the one I came across for this review. The smell on this one is all over the place. Pine, diesel, and earth are noticeable, and collectively give a unique fuel smell characteristic of glue varieties. And as the name implies, the buds are covered with resin. The effects are overall calming, but calming in a blissful way. That euphoric quality likely stems from Sister Glue’s powerful cerebral effects. Once the effects settle in, you may not be going anywhere. It’s not a coincidence that “glue” is part of the name. This heavy effect persists throughout the duration and left me feeling groggy and hungry.

A quick look at some data of a different harvest of Sister Glue (referred to as Gorilla Glue for the sample name) will help us understand the complex effects (quick note: the data discussed in the following sentences is not necessarily representative of all harvests of Sister Glue, various environmental factors contribute to cannabinoid/terpene profiles even when dealing with the same genotype of a variety). It’s no surprise the THC content is over 20%, Glue hybrids regularly test high for THC potency. The terpene profile on this batch is diverse, with humulene (.67%), caryophyllene (.52%), alpha-pinene (.29%), and myrcene (.05%). The range of effects I experienced map out well to the diversity of terpenes in this sample (of course, my sample could have a significantly different profile). Pinene’s alerting qualities combined with myrcene’s sedative properties, as well as the rest of the molecules present, may contribute to the overall effects of these genetics.

Overall, Sister Glue has me feeling like the stereotype of a cannabis user: lazy, happy, and unable to move. A great choice for an end to a long day as sleep is likely part of the come down. Perhaps a small enough dose would provide some functionality for doing an activity, but this wouldn’t be my choice for anything standing. Those who like the heavier effects of cannabis will likely admire the profoundly relaxing nature of this strain.

Note: Remember, everyone responds differently to cannabis. Every harvest will be slightly different, even with the same grower. The context in which one uses the strain matters as well as one’s expectations prior to consuming. The information presented in this review isn’t meant to guarantee a specific effect. Always start with a low dose in a comfortable environment to see how the strain impacts you.

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Superb strain.

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