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Strain Details
Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel is a sativa that is descended from the Chemdawg strain.  There are many theories about the true origins of the strain, but most point to a Colorado Chemdawg grower breeding new strains with one that stood out from the rest (Diesel).  Others say that Diesel was a mistake, derived from a few seeds in what was supposed to be a large bag of sensimillia.  When some east growers got their hands on Diesel clones substrains were developed, including Sour Diesel, when Diesel was crossed with a skunk strain.
Sour Diesel is best known for its incredibly strong diesel-like smell with a sour aftertaste.  Sour Diesel produces energetic, euphoric effects that tend to last a long time.  Relieving stress and depression are some of its most popular uses.
Like most sativas sour diesel grows very tall and can be difficult to generate a good yield for beginning growers.  Plants thrive in warmer environments, even well above 80 degrees.  It’s recommended that growers go easy on the nutrients as plants are very sensitive and it’s easy to generate nutrient burn.  Grown correctly and you’ll see large colas with high calyx to leaf ratios and a frosty look.
The pungency of sour diesel smoke is legendary.  The thick sour, kerosene like taste stays in your mouth for minutes after exhale.  If you put a half smoked joint in a cigarette case and in your pocket those within a 10 feet radius will smell the pungent skunk aroma for quite some time.
At this point the explosive popularity of sour diesel has made it pretty easy to find.  Legal dispensaries in Colorado and Washington view it as a staple, especially among cannabis tourists.  On the east coast it is far and away the most prevalent strain and many users will smoke little else. 

Strain Attributes

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