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White 91' x P Phunk
White 91' x P Phunk



White 91' x P Phunk is an indica-dominant hybrid strain you don't see that often anymore. We've seen it available at some east coast dispensaries, but California and most western tokers appear to have moved on to the more potent OG Kush varieties that seem to have a connected lineage to nearly every strain coming out of CA these days. As the name makes clear it is a cross between P-Phunk and White 91. Lineage maps for P Phunk are all over the place, but Bubba Kush is consistently cited as the dominant lineage strain. White 91 comes from the The White family of strains. Buds are dense and thick due to its Kush lineage and White 91 x P Phunk has a distinctive earthy taste with a fruity after-taste. The indica-dominant hybrid has a strong body-buzz impact with a cerebral background high. The terpenes most prevalent in White 91 x P Phunk are B-Myrcene, a-Pinene, and Limonene. We're not sure where growers would find clones or seeds for this specific strain. For those that do grow White 91 x P Phunk, you'll find a plant that is fairly low-maintenance to maintain. Vegetation lasts about 45 days, characterized by strong bushy growth with little headaches or pruning/topping. You'll love the golf ball sized thick buds and crystally shine brought on byt its The White roots. If you like this strain we'd also recommend: Commerce City Kush
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