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Obama Gets More Positive On Legal Marijuana

President Obama Isn't Scared Of Weed

President Obama Isn’t Scared Of Weed

President Obama was interviewed by Vice recently and took further steps toward siding with full legalization.  Or, if you’re biased about the issue, the President clearly supports full legalization!

Ok, so his remarks were more nuanced, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Obama believes it’s inevitable that legalization at the federal level should come some day as more States legalize it locally.  Here are some of his remarks:

“We may be able to make some progress on the decriminalization side,” said Obama. “At a certain point, if enough states end up decriminalizing, then Congress may then reschedule marijuana.”

When one says things like “we should be able to make some progress” that sounds like someone is taking sides on the issue.  You have to commend him for not playing politics in the issue.  Most weak politicians wouldn’t go near the topic in case they upset their constituents.  Oh, right, that pretty much drives all their lame decisions.

Alien Marijuana Coming Our Way?

An Alien Takes A Toke

An Alien Takes A Toke

A college kid from England (okay, he’s a Physics student at Oxford) thinks it may not be long before Alien Marijuana is grown on Mars.  According to Ryan MacDonald, the hydroponics system on the spacecraft could grow interplanetary weed.  MacDonald is a finalist for Mars One mission, which plans on sending a team to Mars.

Wait, before we go any further, there is a hydroponic system on spacecrafts?  How does that even work without gravity?  Certainly would help pass the time up there we suppose.

A Boing Boing blogger tweeted how difficult it would be to spend so much time in space without any weed and MacDonald’s response was swift.  “You’d be amazed at what can be done with the hydroponics bay,” he replied.

Mars One aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.  The group plans to spend 4 people to Mars every two years beginning in 2024.  The group plans to beginning building on Mars in 2018 with unmanned flights.

Ummmmm, pretty cool right?

Cannabis Cup 2015 In Denver – Check Out The Best Concerts To See In Denver

Cannabis Cup 2015 Comes To Denver On 4/20

Cannabis Cup 2015 Comes To Denver On 4/20

Cannabis Cup 2015 is underway and many eyes are looking toward Denver 4/18-4/20 as the marquee Cannabis Cup 2015 event of the year.  There are bound to be countless booths and presentations and then the fun stuff – the awards and networking.  But, there are plenty of other things to do during Cannabis Cup 2015 – like concerts!

Lat year featured Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa and this year there is even more to choose from.

Denver is a great place to catch a live show, from a small seedy venue downtown to Red Rocks in the foothills of the Rockies.  During Cannabis Cup 2015 there are going to be plenty of great acts to check out.  Here is a list of our 5 favorites:

1)  The Disco Biscuits, Red Rocks 4/17/15: Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead join these jam band stalwarts who never disappoint.

2) Matisyahu, Fillmore, 4/20/2015: How did this Brooklyn born orthodox Jew become a pioneer in reggae rap?  He’s sickly talented that’s how.  Check him out and you’ll be downloading all his stuff from iTunes the next day.

3) Snoop Dogg, Soja, NAS, Red Rocks 4/18/15: We saw Snoop at Red Rocks last year and have to admit he was a little flat (didn’t really see the energy).  But, everyone is allowed a rough day and we’re looking forward to Snoop redeeming himself this year.

4) Arcade Fire, Pepsi Center, 4/23/15: Ok, so this one is not on during the Cannabis Cup, but if you can wait three days this show will be more than worth it.  One of the most robust live bands we’ve seen and the authentic energy is infectious.  Years of touring later and this act still loves what it does.

5) Leftover Salmon, Cervantes, 4/20/2015: For jam band fans new to the scene these guys may sound a little tired, but for old schoolers a Leftover Salmon show never disappoints.

This Is The Coolest Halloween Costume We’ve Seen Yet

This year we’re guessing there will be a lot of marijuana themed Halloween costumes given all that’s happened with the legalize marijuana movement this year.  Here at Dankster we’re trying to figure out the best costume for “reefer madness.”  An insane guy with a leaf wrapped around him?  No….

Anyway, we’ll figure it out.  But here’s to the most well-planned and funniest costume we’ve seen.  The only question we have is, how do the two people on the end get through doorways?

Who Wouldn't Let These Guys Into Their Party?

Who Wouldn’t Let These Guys Into Their Party?

Could New York State Fully Legalize Pot In 2015?

New York State Could Legalize Marijuana In 2015

New York State Could Legalize Marijuana In 2015

We’re seeing more and more articles about New York State potentially legalizing recreational use of marijuana in 2015.  As some brief background, a bill has been proposed to legalize limited medical use, but Governor Cuomo poked so many last minute holes in the legislation that the scope is very narrow (for example, medical patients will be allowed to eat edibles, but not smoke flowers).

The Senator most aggressively pushing the agenda is Liz Krueger.  Senator Krueger has only experimented with pot once or twice when she was young, but understands its prevalent use and helpful effects.  She also understands New York State has been so mismanaged that it needs the tax revenue.

The New York State Committee To Legalize Marijuana posted a great overview on the issues on its Facebook page.  Check it out.

Colorado Legal Pot Harvest Begins

USA Today has a great article about Colorado’s first outdoor legal marijuana harvest. In this case it features a 1,000 plant harvest that covers 40 heavily secured and monitored acres.

This harvest is yielding about a pound a plant, which is very impressive. We’re most impressed by the trimming machines, which cut trimming time from several months to several weeks.

Check out the video: