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Why Are Pot Prices In Downtown Denver So Much Higher Than Outside Downtown?

Some Dispensaries Are Looking To Maximize That Profit!

Some Dispensaries Are Looking To Maximize That Profit!

We’ve been hearing from an increasing number of readers that prices for weed in dispensaries located directly in downtown Denver can be as much as double those of dispensaries just a few blocks away.  In some cases it will cost you as much as $140 for a quarter of weed that isn’t even top shelf?

What gives?

Sure, higher rent must have something to do with it, but prices vary so much between dispensaries located not that far from downtown that part of it is likely driven by profit margins.  It makes sense – buyers pay for the convenience of not having to go very far from downtown to buy their weed.  And if you also think about the clientele in the downtown area its probably more “weekend warriors” or business people with families that probably smoke less than, say, the average UC Boulder college student.

Still, double the price just a few blocks away?  We can’t imagine that’s going to last much longer.