Alien Marijuana Coming Our Way?

An Alien Takes A Toke

An Alien Takes A Toke

A college kid from England (okay, he’s a Physics student at Oxford) thinks it may not be long before Alien Marijuana is grown on Mars.  According to Ryan MacDonald, the hydroponics system on the spacecraft could grow interplanetary weed.  MacDonald is a finalist for Mars One mission, which plans on sending a team to Mars.

Wait, before we go any further, there is a hydroponic system on spacecrafts?  How does that even work without gravity?  Certainly would help pass the time up there we suppose.

A Boing Boing blogger tweeted how difficult it would be to spend so much time in space without any weed and MacDonald’s response was swift.  “You’d be amazed at what can be done with the hydroponics bay,” he replied.

Mars One aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.  The group plans to spend 4 people to Mars every two years beginning in 2024.  The group plans to beginning building on Mars in 2018 with unmanned flights.

Ummmmm, pretty cool right?

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