What’s With The Whole Glass Face Bong Thing?

Glass Face Bong On Display

Glass Face Bong On Display

We’re not sure how long people have been making and using glass face bongs (or mask bongs, whatever you want to call them), but it seems like we’ve been hearing more and more about them recently.  Basically a glass face bong is a glass mask that straps around your face with an opening to your mouth and one to light the weed.

This is probably the most intricate glass face bong we’ve seen.  It certainly looks like it would be fun to try a couple times because who wouldn’t want to tap into their inner space man while sucking down some Kush?

Still, it just seems a bit much to us.  Whatever happended to kicking back and enjoying a nice, good ol fashioned joint?

If you want to see how a regular glass bong is made, check out this clip:

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