Could New York State Fully Legalize Pot In 2015?

New York State Could Legalize Marijuana In 2015

New York State Could Legalize Marijuana In 2015

We’re seeing more and more articles about New York State potentially legalizing recreational use of marijuana in 2015.  As some brief background, a bill has been proposed to legalize limited medical use, but Governor Cuomo poked so many last minute holes in the legislation that the scope is very narrow (for example, medical patients will be allowed to eat edibles, but not smoke flowers).

The Senator most aggressively pushing the agenda is Liz Krueger.  Senator Krueger has only experimented with pot once or twice when she was young, but understands its prevalent use and helpful effects.  She also understands New York State has been so mismanaged that it needs the tax revenue.

The New York State Committee To Legalize Marijuana posted a great overview on the issues on its Facebook page.  Check it out.

Colorado Legal Pot Harvest Begins

USA Today has a great article about Colorado’s first outdoor legal marijuana harvest. In this case it features a 1,000 plant harvest that covers 40 heavily secured and monitored acres.

This harvest is yielding about a pound a plant, which is very impressive. We’re most impressed by the trimming machines, which cut trimming time from several months to several weeks.

Check out the video:

No More Cheebah Chews?

Cheebah Chews kind of look like tootsie rolls

Cheebah Chews kind of look like tootsie rolls

A friend in Denver mentioned he couldn’t find Cheebah Chews anymore in Denver except in medical dispensaries. The theory was that they were too strong (more below), but it turns out there were multiple license violations and the producers have been banned from the industry for a year.

We’ve heard they were seriously potent so it wouldn’t have surprised us if they were limited to only medical dispensaries. We’ve seen lifelong pot smokers eating a Cheebah Chew and not being able to speak for hours. Of course, who’s to say that’s not just as valid a recreational use as a mild flower.

In the end its moot as they will likely be back in a year. See you then Cheebah Chews!