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Colorado May Take Away Your Pot Candies

potgummiesIf you’re a fan of all things edible and live in Colorado you better start stocking up on those candies, brownies, tootsie rolls, whatever edible you fancy.  That’s because  the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is basically looking to ban all edibles in Colorado.

The agency cites data that indicates that potent edibles are increasingly getting into the hands of children.  Since legalization 9 children have been admitted to the emergency room after mistakenly eating pot edibles.

Honestly, it’s hard to argue with the argument.  Edibles are great, especially for medical users, but selling them as gummy bears or brownies makes it too easy for children to mistake them for sweets.  Maybe the best way to ingest edibles is by pill or something kids do not crave.


Colorado Police Worried Kids Will Be Given Edibles On Halloween

Colorado police are worried those adorable sour gummy bear edibles will be given to kids on Halloween – either accidentally or intentionally.  With parents hiding bags of gummies and sucking candies in their cupboards it makes sense to us that there should be some extra precautions.

Here’s to hoping Colorado residents will be extra careful and no “pranksters” show up.  It doesn’t help legalization proponents when kids start accidentally eating edibles.  And, more importantly, how would you like to see your kid accidentally eat a cheebah chew?

Check out the video:

No More Cheebah Chews?

Cheebah Chews kind of look like tootsie rolls

Cheebah Chews kind of look like tootsie rolls

A friend in Denver mentioned he couldn’t find Cheebah Chews anymore in Denver except in medical dispensaries. The theory was that they were too strong (more below), but it turns out there were multiple license violations and the producers have been banned from the industry for a year.

We’ve heard they were seriously potent so it wouldn’t have surprised us if they were limited to only medical dispensaries. We’ve seen lifelong pot smokers eating a Cheebah Chew and not being able to speak for hours. Of course, who’s to say that’s not just as valid a recreational use as a mild flower.

In the end its moot as they will likely be back in a year. See you then Cheebah Chews!